1400: A story of empowerment & personal tragedy.


Last year, I lettered up a story called “1400” by an immensely brave writer/artist named Jag Lall. Jag isn’t afraid to tackle harder hitting elements of life, and has created comics which tackle racism, sexual assault and isolation/depression. “1400” is possibly the hardest hitting work I’ve been involved in, and, perhaps, one of the most important. It’s message, of a girl overcoming a serious sexual assault, is both upsetting and positive in equal measures, and will hopefully shine through as a beacon of hope to those who may have shared similar experiences.

Comic Page Layout Guide 170mmx260mm with 3mm bleed

The message of the book is to help empower those who have been or are in such a situation that they can talk and that there are avenues to do this, be it through family, friends, police or organisations. The moral is to talk and not to feel ashamed, not to feel guilty even or feel that no one will believe you. The story, whilst a sensitive subject matter, is a topic I feel very strongly about and I wanted to express my thoughts and feelings through my artistic narrative in the hopes that it can hopefully make a positive difference in someone’s life. I want this story to help empower those in turmoil that they can make a stand and that they won’t be alone.

– Jag Lall

You can check some pieces about “1400” at The Huffington Post, Comics Anonymous and at Teen Librarian.

You can buy the book here.


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