The Markosia ‘British Showcase Anthology’

I was lucky to be approached by Adam Cheal, writer of many a horrific tale, who is curating the second British Showcase Anthology for Markosia, and asked if I could slap some letters on one of the excellent tales earmarked for release. 

“The British are coming! Volume Two of the British Showcase Anthology features a collection of stories from some of the best indie talent and new creators working in the British comic book industry. Excite your senses with this cover bursting collection of stories.”

When he told me it was written by the excellent Chris Tresson and drawn by my good friend, Paul Moore (who is drawing a comic I’m lettering for Amigo Comics called Planet Of Daemons, which is in previews now dontcha know!) I snapped his hand off for he chance! 

It’s a cracking story, but showing any other panel than this first one would spoil it! I used a font for the title which is just a shade off of the, awesomely retro, Stranger Things logo. Really happy with how it came out! 

So keep ’em peeled for this being released, and check out Chris here and Paul here.


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